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  • I’m nearing the end of my patience with this problem that has spawned many other problems.

    First off, I can’t upload any photos to my blog. It always ends in an “http error” when using the flash uploader or a 500 error when using the browser uploader. I have scoured the WP forums and Googled the issue for HOURS with no luck. I have tried all sorts of htaccess edits, hacks and upload tricks with no luck.

    Now in all my troubleshooting other quirks are surfacing such as plugin installations stall. Some plugins install ok but most stall and require manual installations. Also, something else I just noticed tonight in my troubleshooting of the http error, now the installed plugins page is blank and many of the sections of the dashboard are missing even though they are checked off as enabled.

    I’m at a complete loss here. I just want my old functionality back I had with 2.6.


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  • update:

    figured out the blank plugins page, it was a bad plugin so I deleted that from the ftp server and deactivated it. Then all the plugins re-appeared on the page. Don’t know why it freaked out, this particular plugin has been installed for days and never affected my plugins page. oh well!

    Still really need to find a solution for the http error when uploading photos.

    cosmictap posted a link that solved the “HTTP error.” problem for me (after all other solutions I tried failed).

    Just for the record, I am using WP 2.9 on HostGator.

    Hi, I’m brand new to WP but >33 years in IT. Just joined WP so I could share my pain and what I did to resolve this problem.

    Firstly I’ve only just discovered WP in the last few days so I’m on version 2.9.

    I started to put a web site together for a client and uploaded many images but then kept hitting the HTTP Error with both the Flash and HTTP upload options. Like you I was pulling my hair out and getting nowhere fast.

    I looked at all the other posts on the subject and they all talked about authentication and changing .htaccess (OK I also found one that said never change that file!!) but I had already uploaded about 50 images so reasoned that this couldn’t be the cause.

    Further are my hosts and though they seem to be very WP friendly (it took me 5 minutes to get WP up and running) there doesn’t seem to be a .htaccess file to change anyway – maybe it’s hidden.

    I tried a few experiments with one of the files I was having trouble with and the thing I did that cracked it was to save the original image .jpg file as a .gif using Photoshop.

    I will continue to experiment but wanted to warn you that all the talk about access control may be a red herring if you’ve already uploaded even 1 file before.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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