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  • I’ve been reading many different postings on this subject, but to no avail. I’ve been busy working on my website yesterday creating multiple gallery pages with no problem. Well, there was originally a problem with receiving the HTTP Error which was fixed when I updated my Java. But then I was able to upload dozens of images without a hitch. It was when I discovered I (successfully) uploaded some monster-sized photos (15-18MB each), I realized I needed to scale them down and reupload so my website can load more quickly for visitors. This is when I started getting the HTTP Error again. The new files are around 1.7-2.4MB. Nothing. Cannot upload and nothing else changed that I know of.

    I know a lot of postings mentioned editing htaccess files and the like, but I’m not even sure how to access these since I access the editor from typing in my domain and adding /wp-admin at the end and log in.

    My host is GoDaddy if that makes any difference. I know some have mentioned it can be an issue on the hosting side of things, and I’m prepared to contact GoDaddy if this is indeed the case. But I want to rule out other options first.


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  • Well, GoDaddy being your host is usually a problem to begin with.

    I would try contacting them directly, they should be able to help you.

    After talking with support at GoDaddy, they had me try a few things but nothing worked. They now claim it’s nothing on their end. I’ve found I can upload files around 200KB even though they had me change my file size allowance from 32MB to 50MB (I kept trying to ask why I need to increase the allowance to 50MB to upload a 2MB file). Anything more than 200KB doesn’t upload.

    So I removed my large files and uploaded my new ones and tried importing them into my gallery. I can pull up the images in the pop-up screen but when I click “Import into post” the pop-up window goes white and nothing happens. When I “x” out of the pop-up, the gallery remains empty with only the option to “Upload images for a gallery.”

    ETA: The inserting images into gallery used to work, as that’s how I found out my original images were too long. When I was successful with the (much) smaller files, it worked still but noticed the white border I put on the images looked funky with the theme I was using so I reedited the pictures without the border and now they upload but won’t import.

    So the errors are multiplying and I don’t know if they are related or not. I just want to finish my website so I can finally promote it!

    Frustrating, isn’t it? I’ve just started up and have had nothing but problems and no easy answers. 🙁

    Do not upload images that are large in dimensions. Also do not try to upload too many at once. It is handled as a ‘batch’ job. Can you post a phpinfo.php file?

    Also a site link?

    Also, what is your hosting package?

    I have the Deluxe hosting plan with Unlimited storage and bandwidth.

    I wasn’t sure what dimensions were appropriate, thus why I’m having to go back and change the images now.

    What do you mean by posting a phpinfo.php file? I can’t locate one on my File Manager

    You need to create it:

    This is created to share what may be wrong (or proper) with a server config with others and to verify items so noted.

    Consider an Ultimate 4G package, worth the extra cost. Then maybe a dedicated IP and also review how to use a php5.ini file (with host).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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