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    After updating to wp 3.5.1 i can’t upload any photos in post or pages. It lets me select the jpg and goes up to 100% but stops crunching or letting me save and after 3 min. I get the HTTP error. I can see the picture in my media Library but it 0x0 so I still can’t do anything with it. I understand a ton of people are having almost the exact same problem but it seems they are all resolving it differently. I have deactivated every plugin….nothing. I have emptied my cache multiple times and restarted my computer every time praying…nothing. I have deleted all plugins…nothing. No matter what I have done I can’t upload a picture. Please help……and don’t understand a lot of the technical stuff people are recommending. By the way my media manager doesn’t look like the ” NEW media manager ” with the ” beautiful interface” like they say the update will do. Does anyone know what to do??

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    I kinda read that already…it has a looot of info in there that seems pretty basic to all you techie people out there but like I said I’m not techie at all. It took me a week just to get google analytics to work in my plug in. The amount of stress just for a update thats suppose to me tested just doesn’t make sense. WP should be the ones fixing this problem with a new update, instead of me and all the clients having to try to figure it out our selfs with countless forums and pages…..

    Thanks though. I know your just trying to help. The master list is very extensive and I’ve already been reading a bunch of forums with the same problem and was hoping some had a easier answer that worked for them….



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    WP should be the ones fixing this problem with a new update

    There is nothing wrong with WordPress 3.5.1. Millions (literally) of other users are not having this problem. Your problems are specific to your site, so you need to troubleshoot them. There is no magic bullet in these situations.

    Excuse my frustration. I updated wp and now have spent 2 solid days trying to fix it. If I had known this would have happened I would have never updated. Nothing on the masters list makes sense to me. I’m just trying to get a little help. I have read a ton of post on the forum with the same problem and ran through the checklist of things they did but was hoping that since a lot of those post where 2 months ago that maybe things got figured out and there was a easier way to fix it. But thanks esmi I’ll just continue to research the way I was. Reading the same master list that you gave me that doesn’t make sense to me.

    Is there anyone else out there that has the same frustration I have and can help in a more basic way then the master list?

    Can anyone tell me how to check my theme to see if that is the conflict? I don’t even know where to find what theme I have… I have Sunny Cali as the design is that the theme?

    It’s understandably frustrating, but there is no simple or easy way to troubleshoot some of these kinds of issues. Can you post a link to your site with all plugins deactivated and the twentytwelve theme active?

    Thank you for your help but I have a possible employer reviewing my blog for a random job so all of this could not have come at a worst time. I have been trying to put up new post with my pictures for this client and have been in tears since I updated… I can’t switch my theme right now as it will mess up my whole blog. I have deactivated all plugins and then deleted all plugins. I was trying to back up my blog so I don’t loose all my hard work but don’t really understand any of that….and I don’t know where you find this twentytwelve theme. I don’t see it anywhere.

    Twentytwelve is the default WP theme that is installed as part of the update to WP3.5. It should be under Appearance > Themes . Changing themes is a basic (temporary) troubleshooting step – it helps to narrow down where the problem may be. What theme are you using?

    Ok I found it. It looks like i have ProPhoto 4.1 but if I switch to the twenty twelve and then go back to my ProPhoto 4.1 will my design be exactly the same? Like I said I have not backed up my blog at all and don’t understand how to. I read the link and have it but that will have to be another day.

    Generally, yes, your settings for the ProPhoto theme should be saved, but I cannot guarantee anything. It’s always better to backup before you start doing things like this.

    Is that a recent version of your theme? Have you checked with the vendor about any compatibility issues with WP3.5? (These forums don’t support commercial themes, so you may want to check there before doing anything else.)

    I don’t understand…vendor? I signed up with WP and picked a design and have tried not to change anything since then. Is ProPhoto 4.1 a commercial theme? I thought it came from WP.

    How do I find out if it is a recent version theme? Where do I look.

    Is ProPhoto 4.1 a commercial theme?

    Is the theme from here?

    That theme does not seem to have been updated for a long time. Obviously, it is bound to produce unpredictable results. As suggested by WPyogi, you can temporarily switch to Twenty Twelve or any other default WP theme so that you can at least know if your theme is the cause of the error.

    Thank you Krishna, I did not get it from that site but I went to the prophoto site and it does look familiar. I just thought it was part of WP and where you get your extra designs from but it makes sense that they are a separate company selling designs. I contacted them to see if the ProPhoto4 has been updated recently and I missed it or if it is compatible with the wp3.5.1 update. I just have to wait 3 hours it said. I’ll wait but it sounds like it is not compatible with the update. If they confirm that, what are my choices? Do I downgrade? I just hate to go to a different theme that is more basic after I spent a lot of money on the theme I have now. Not to mention it would all look so different and be jacked up till I spent a week trying to change it how I kinda have it now. ( if I even could ) any advise?

    If they confirm that, what are my choices?

    Obviously, if you are serious about the security and keeping your site without problems, you have to look for another reputable theme vendor that updates the theme regularly. If you like a theme from WordPress repository, look for one here:
    The advantage is that the themes are regularly updated and you can get support through these forums as well as from the theme developer.

    Do I downgrade?

    Sorry, I would not advise that at all. It can create more problems than solving, and mainly, it can be security risk or an open ticket to hackers. Outdated themes too pose this risk.

    Ok after the longest week ever….somehow the 3rd person I spoke with at my host company fixed it. Something about a changed PHP that no one else caught. I gave him my passwords and he went on there to see what it was and fixed it….but it still had to do with the wp update I did but don’t know why still…..

    After speaking with prophoto multiple times they are all updated on there end and it is not a conflict with the theme…….I deleted all plugins per other members with similar problems and have to figure out how to put them back on now ;(

    So to anyone one else out there with a similar problem….try doing the process of alimentation….but try also speaking to multiple people at your host company because they all try different things I guess and it took the 3rd time for me.

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