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  • ccmmark


    Not a question but a quick heads up on the above occurring in the last few days for a client we’ve got running on a Rackspace Cloud server.

    Basic scenario is a reasonably trafficked image heavy wedding blog with 100K+ unique views per month which we have running on a UK 2GB Rackspace Cloud Server instance. 2 days ago the client began experiencing the intermittent HTTP Error message on the flash media uploader that seems to have been doing the rounds over the last few years. Reverting to basic uploader generates a timeout message sometimes.

    Having done the rounds of the various potential solutions (htaccess amends, increasing past_max_size etc etc) with no success, I remembered we had the WP Smushit plugin installed.

    Deactivated the plugin and voila media uploader will now do 40+ images without issue.

    All I can figure is that the Smushit service is experiencing response time issues and that causes the uploader to fall over. Evidenced perhaps by the fact that the folder where images are uploaded showed the images being uploaded without issue but the uploader showed a 0x0 dimension image in the uploader modal window?

    So if you hit a similar issue and you have WP Smushit plugin, I’d try disabling that before spending too many fruitless hours trying various amends to htaccess and php.ini files.

    Hope it helps someone.

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  • NeuroPR


    Seems like a domain/server issue of, that’s why the plugin cannot connect and throws a timeout.

    Currently i’ve disabled the plugin to all my wordpress setups since we can find a solution.



    I’m getting this as well, on 1&1 hosting. I’ve also deactivated smush it and uploads are working fine now



    Confirm, something is wrong with this plugin. A client called 3hrs ago and complained he gets a HTTP Error.



    Deactivated the plugin too, working great now, thanks.



    Thank you for this. Was trying to figure it out through tech support with host, thinking it was their server or a permissions issue. Disabled and all was golden again. I like living again.



    TourAbsurd – no worries not much fun is it? Thankfully it was something reasonably simple.

    Hraban I personally think it’s a response issue from the Smush It service at Yahoo! itself rather than the plugin that messes up. It’s always been slow.



    mine the same it’s showing HTTP error when i upload image every time it seem like the API is not working properly…




    I have also noticed that the problem was “WP”. I disabled the plugin … and everything returned to normal.

    We are experiencing the same issue. Thanks very much for the heads up. Everything is working now that we deactivated



    Same issue here too. Any idea if they will fix the plugins API?

    Same here. I had to disable the plugin.



    Yep, worked for me too. Thanks CCMMark

    Alex Dunae


    Hi all — I’m the plugin developer.

    I’ve posted some notes in another thread about the latest issues:



    Thanks for clarifying Alex, as I suspected, an issue with Smush It itself rather than your plugin. In the other thread you talk about detecting whether the Smush It service is down or not. Is this something you envisage adding to the plugin?

    Alex Dunae


    It seems like it’s necessary. This isn’t the first time has gone down (though it has been fairly reliable for the past six months).

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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