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  • Hi All

    This one is really doing my head in. I’ve searched for quite some time for hints on how to resolve this, but unsure where to go to other than put a post up about HTTP errors with the new media library manager under 3.5.

    When trying to upload an image (small in size), using either the normal uploader or the brwoser uploader, I get a HTTP Error (on the browser one, I get a 503 error). **Note: This is on a clean install of WP3.5 with no plugins, etc installed – so the possibility of a corrupting plugin is not the case here. THe resultant of this is that the image looks like it is there (a thumbnail seems to be generated when looking through the library), but it has a image size of 0x0.

    I have done further testing and found that if I have an image over 110px wide, it cause the issue. Lower than 110px wide and it works.

    Now, this leads me to believe it is an issue with my host and quite possibly a resource allocation issue. However I have setup the PHP.INI for this site with quite high allowances of memory, etc and still get the issue no matter what combination I use.

    I did see a reference to version issues with imagemajick (as WP3.5 is now using it instead of GD). Checking with a php info, I found that the hosts version was (slightly) older than the current version. Possible issue there?

    I currently have my hosters looking into the issue to see what they might think the problem is, but wanted to go to the WP community as well, as HTTP Errors with the media library seems to have been an on and off issue for quite some time.

    Also note – not an issue under 3.4.2.


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  • Further, is there a way of stopping WP 3.5 from using Imagemajick and forcing it to use GD (more for troubleshooting purposes than anything).

    *bump* anyone?

    I’ve having the exact same problem, if I figure anything out I’ll reply.

    I also am having this same problem, even on a fresh install of WordPress 3.5, with no plugins using the default theme. I suspected the cause is the version of PHP on my host is running 5.2.17, current requirements now state 5.2.4. Two WP sites on this server have the issue. BUT a third site on a different host is not having the issue, and it also is running PHP 5.2.17. I share the same symptoms as Tom when uploading. The images upload (full size) and are visible in the media library, but they have not been sized, and no size is listed. When I try to edit in the in the “Edit Media” page, the image disappears from view and is replaced with “Image data does not exist. Please re-upload the image.”

    I’ve reverted two sites back to 3.4.2 because of the issue.

    Upgraded to WP 3.5. I’ve been getting the “HTTP Error” along with “Content Not Found”. My issue is PDF files are not uploading. I was able to upload word docs though. When I browse to the file using the uploader, some files don’t even show up to choose from the drop down menu. When I use my finder all are visible so the file is on my computer.

    Anyone else with this issue?

    Thanks folks

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    It would be easier to keep track of one’s issues if one would create their own thread.

    Exactly the same issue here. I had my host update ImageMagick to the latest 6.8.x, but that didn’t solve it. In the mean time, I can’t update my site and it’s getting so frustraing =(

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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