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  • I was editing the function.php page in the theme editor, and when I hit “Update File”, I got the Internal Server Error notification.

    I can navigate back in my browser to the php editor, and I have tried replacing the original code and resubmitting it, but I get the same result. I can go even further back to previously navigated pages, but I cannot access any parts of the site that are not in my immediate browser history.

    The site is externally down as well as the entire admin control panel.

    Very confused…anyone have any idea what might have happened? Many thanks in advance!

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  • Additional info: url is the same as my username, Thanks again!

    Yikes… that sure is a big blank white-space in my browser! If you’re fairly confident that it was just editing the functions.php file that caused the issue, then grab a fresh copy of functions.php from the backup copy of the theme you were working on, and just replace the file using your ftp client or the file manager in hosts control panel. That should probably set you free again.

    You, Sir Clayton James, have saved the day.

    I will keep my hands out of the php-coding cookie jar from now on. It took me some searching, but I was ultimately able to locate functions.php in the file manager and get rid of the block of shoddy code that put the whole thing under. Maybe this was an elementary error, but without you I would have been totally lost.

    Thanks mate!

    You’re quite welcome. No reason to shy away from it. That’s how you get good at it. Just be sure to always make a backup before you edit and you’re always good to go!

    I suppose that’s true. I do keep the backups, and at least now I know how to troubleshoot. Thanks for the help! =)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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