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    Dear moderation team,

    I was working with my webpage adding a widget for rss in functions.php.

    I am pretty sure I didn’t delete codes, I just added the ones for the widget. After saving saving it, it appeared the message HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. So now I can not access to the webpage in any way.

    How can I acces again to the page to modify the webpage? I saved the originall codes for functions.php. Can you please help me?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Jerry Bates (jerrysarcastic)


    Documentation Master

    Do you have FTP access to your host? You’ll need to modify the functions.php file directly to remove the code for the widget, which I assume is causing the problem.

    You will not be able to gain access in any other way that I can think of.

    Thanks for your quick answer! I gain the access to the FTP, but still have some problems.

    When I get into the file functions.php the content has nothing to do with the one I made the back up. Moreover, the widget is not there…

    Is it possible that there are there several files called the same way?

    In any case, when I insert the full content of the back up copy in the php file, I don’t find the way to save it. I do it, Save, close the file, but when I open again it stays the old content.

    Sorry, this is everything new for me! Do you know what I can do?



    You may like to look at:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /hosting/www/ on line 263

    Jerry Bates (jerrysarcastic)


    Documentation Master

    I’ve never run into the problem of not having my changes saved when working via FTP. I’m not sure about why this would be the case, but you could simply try uploading a new functions.php file from you computer (the backup copy you made before trying to add the widget) which should overwrite the one that is on the host and causing your difficulties.

    The only thing that you can see in his site while using some standard testing tools are like what I quoted above. It seems there are some sever problems as the title of the post itself suggests. That may be the reason why the OP could not do anything as you suggested, which should solve the issue in such cases. So, I think Infochina has to contact the host for further support.

    I finally solved the problem! I can access again to my webpage! And I also learnt something in the way.

    This is my first webpage and any simple step is new for me. So, the solution Krishna is giving me is totally right and is the one I used to solve the problem.

    Before my problem was that I access to the fttp through the webpage, so no changes (I guess) can be applied, after a while I realized trying it with a fttp software, then everything was super easy. Very obvious right? and it even sounds silly for me now, but as I said I didn’t know at that moment.

    So I would like to thank you all, it saved me a lot of time avoiding to redo the webpage I have so far.

    Glad to note that you could solve the problem!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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