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  • IIS 6
    Wordpress 3.0.1
    php 5.2
    mysql 5.1

    The wp database and account have been created and given full permissions to the database. The account information has been entered in the wp-config file. MySql is running as a service and I can connect to the database as the wordpress user from the command prompt.

    I’ve installed php according to the wordpress instructions and php_info() displays the proper results in my browser. c:\php is in my path. I’ve configured php as described in the WP instructions. The .dll’s for mysql and mysqli have been un-commented in the php.ini file.

    Wordpress 3.0.1 has been downloaded, unzipped and placed in the root of my IIS document directory. wp-config has been edited as described in the WP directions.

    IIS 6.0
    The web server has been created with a path to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\wordpress. php has been added as a web service extension. The dlls are all on the default path.

    Problem: http://localhost/wp-admin/install.php returns
    HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.

    I have to have missed something or have something mis-configured, but I’ve followed the directions to the letter and still get this error.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Ready to move to Concrete5 or other product.

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  • Where are the directions that you followed?

    (re: ready to move to Concrete5) For the record, there’s no need to threaten us. We’re not a cell phone company.

    Hi, Iā€™m having a similar problem. I followed the directions in the readme, and here.


    My apologies. I didn’t mean to threaten. I let frustration get the better of me. Probably best to post a day or so later instead of in the midst of the issue.. I found part of the problem. Some of the php files were missing ending “?>” tags. I replaced those and got those pages to work. Another website outside of WordPress incorrectly identified the php dll to add to web services. That was a long path to nowhere. I finally started over, followed a very good link to get IIS6 and PHP to work:

    After that, the install script ran. I can now get the site up with just a few issues. In the dashboard under widgets, I can’t drag the plugins from the list to the sidebar or footers. Some of the links don’t call their respective pages. I’m working through each one at a time and making progress, and I appreciate the support forum.

    michaelkj77: Cool, no worries. I’m glad you got things working all by yourself. šŸ™‚

    Please mark this topic as resolved.

    I appreciate the help. On the dashboard under widgits, I do however still see the problem of being unable to drag widgets to the column and footer areas to include that widget in the pages. I get the directional arrow when the mouse cursor moves over the widget list items, but I can’t drag the widget. Still working on it but any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Try adding define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false); to your wp-config.php file just below the define('DB_HOST' line.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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