• Why is WordPress sticking with XHTML, which is known to be a buggy spec with numerous validation problems, instead of moving to HTML5 or HTML4?

    It seems there should at least be an option to output one form of markup or another.

    Are there plans to remedy this in the future? Or will WP be sticking with a W3C recommendation from the year 2000?

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    I believe that the default theme might be released with a proper HTML5 spec soon. At least that was high up on a recent wish list.

    Does WordPress not output proper HTML5?

    I just wrapped up a redesign of a WP website and I used HTML5, my code validates but several of the link and meta elements WP generates for the head do not:


    When separated from WP, the site validates:


    I was just curious if WP’s elements aren’t proper for HTML5 for some reason.

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    As long as you use an HTML5-compatible theme, like Twenty Ten, what WordPress outputs should be compatible with HTML 5.

    Keep in mind that HTML 5 is still not a finalized standard, so things are bound to change.

    The theme is my own, and it’s valid HTML5. But when I implement the theme within WP and validate its pages, the extra meta tags WP adds do not validate.

    The site’s old theme is actually Twenty Ten, and I see it does validate. What I can do is compare our <head> sections and figure out what the differences are.

    I did a test where I used Twenty Ten’s <head> in my theme, and it wouldn’t validate anymore. All my validation errors are happening in the head, everything is the body is clean.

    At this point I have to wonder if these meta and link elements won’t be valid while I’m testing the theme (my theme is not live yet, it’s being tested with the Theme Test Drive plugin). I’ll wait until we do go live with it, then I’ll resume my validation efforts.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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