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  • @psilver: It works. I tried the sample code and all plays fine. When I generate my own (either from Google or via the Flash extension) it doesn’t play; it loads but there is no animation. I changed the background color, the change shows up. It’s only the animation that’s not working.

    I put the code side by side. The demo content has brackets that my generated code doesn’t.

    So I exported to Flash 8,9,10. Doesn’t work.

    I copied the line of code from the demo content which refers to linestyles and finally I got something, but it’s distorted.

    After much time troubleshooting, I’m nearly at a loss. Why is this code not generated? Is it because I’m on CS6? I will install CS3 and attempt again, but first I’d like to ask a question:

    What are you guys using to generate the original swf file? This is also a question to the plugin creator.

    Plugin is great. I will stick in there until I get it to work.
    Thanks in advance to all.

    I’m on CS4.

    Just installed CS3 and uploaded the exported swf to Google Swiffy: Nothing.

    I didn’t think this would work but I had to rule it out. Can’t imagine what the other variables are. It’s not WP as I’ve tested the code from other swiffy animations on the web and they work fine.

    PSilver: are you converting from Flash or online?
    Also did you try the demo code from your WP Plugins – Swiffy insert/
    If so, does this work?

    I will keep on this and will look into line-style next, but in the mean time I will go with the trusty animated gif exported from FLASH.

    Hi bluPop, I converted from Flash CS4. And yes, I did try the demo code but no, it didn’t work for me.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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