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  • DieKreatur


    Hi people!
    my HTML5 soundcloud embeds do not show up with Firefox 9.0.1 on my graphene WP site: but they once did and I’m not aware of the moment they stopped working.
    They show up with Internet explorer and with google chrome.
    here you have a sample page for testing:

    Some hints on what I’ve been fumbling with lately…
    – I had to downgrade form WP 3.3.1 to 3.3 because qtranslate didn’t work with 3.3.1
    – When i upgraded firefox i remember it saying that some extensions of some DivX codec with html5 support had to be deactivated since they weren’t version 9.0.1 compatible. But shouldn’t FF come with integrated html5 support?
    – I have unsistalled FF and re-installed it but no changes.
    – I made the online HTML5 browser test and it says everything is ok.

    Where might the bug reside?
    Is there some Firefox html5 support add-on that might solve this?
    What do you suggest to do?
    Can some firefox user tell me if the soundcloud embed appears on his system? here’s the link again:

    Thank you all!

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  • globalreporter


    I also have a similar problem. QTransalte doesn’t work properly with WP 3.3.1. Could you please suggest me the easisest way to downgrade to WP 3.3?

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