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  • Hello
    Hope you’re doing well today.

    Sometimes people like to find out how much they should eat to lose a certain amount of body fat. At our website we have a free tool – a calculator – that helps them do this.

    Qn #1: Can you see the calculator (the html version) at or do you simply see a big box and the words “Having trouble viewing…”?

    The problem is, many people can’t see this html5 code. It doesn’t work properly, but I don’t know why. Up until recently, I could see it using firefox, safari and chrome, but today when I checked, I realised it wasn’t working. In other words, I could see a white box but no calculator!

    Here’s the strange part…

    I can see the html5 version (at when I login to wp-admin and ‘preview’ the page. (see

    But I can’t see it when I log out and try to view it as a regular user (see

    Qn#2: How can I make it so as many people as possible (given their different browsers etc) can see the html5 version at

    Your help is much appreciated because I’m getting emails from people daily about not being able to see it and then all the problems they have with the ‘flash version’ :S

    Many thanks

    PS. I don’t think this is a theme issue because if I run the twenty eleven theme it still doesn’t work.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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