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  • With the advent of WP3.0.1, I thought I would look into if it was possible for PodPress to output to HTML5 audio tag rather than Flash, does anyone know if this is possible and if so how?

    Flash has become the bane of my life. It makes my browser cross all of the time. I am sure I am not the only one this happens too.


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  • Hello Hugh,

    podPress adds for the most media file types <object>-tags which initiating a browser plugin to player the media file.
    One exception are the mp3 files. podPress adds the 1 PixelOut Player to the posts. Another exception are the Ogg/Ogv files. podPress (8.8.6.x) displays a player preview but if you click on it podPress adds an <audio>-tag with the Cortado Player (Flash) as a fallback solution.
    But more HTML5 – tag technology is not possible with podPress (for now). There are e.g. no input fields for alternative media file URLs which would be necessary to guarantee cross browser support. (Not every Browser supports the same media file types.)


    Alright Tim,
    Thank you very much, I have seen you know a bit about podPress, would you happen to know if they are looking for beta testers or perhaps where I could find out from?


    Hugh, I guess I’m one of them and yes, it would be great and very helpful if you could help to test beta versions.
    I plan to put out a new beta version in the next two weeks. This version will include a lot of changes. For instance fully customizable feed settings of the additional feeds which podPress adds to the blog (e.g. podcast and enhancedpodcast feed).
    You take a first look on the new user interface elements if you can download from the branch 8.8.8_cutomizable_feeds via a SVN client program. But when the upgrade functionality of the plugin is ready for the next version I will put this version to the trunk/ section and you could download it much easier as the Development Version from this plugins repository page (without such a SVN software).

    If you like to report bugs of the beta versions, make suggestions or write patches you could use this forum (choose a thread title which makes it clear it is about a problem in a beta version) or write a Ticket at the Trac (like e.g this one) page. But if you write a Ticket it would be great if you could send me an email (timberge at cs dot tu-berlin dot de) with the link to it.

    This 8.8.8 version will probably not contain <audio>– and <video>-tags. But those tags are on my agenda for the following version.


    I’ll have to wait until it is in the Development Version, as I am not that advanced at being a beta testing, Hope I still help you out though as I love your plugin.


    Yes, that is absolutely fine and wonderful. I appreciate your help.
    I will write here a notice when that version is ready for testing.



    Hi Hugh,

    v8.8.8 is now available as the Development Version. But be aware that this version is a beta version and that it is possible that you still encounter bugs (but to find bugs is one of the reasons for beta testing). So backup your data base and be sure how-to restore a db backup. Further prepare yourself for an roll-back to the last stable version of the plugin.

    It will be necessary to reconfigure the widgets of podPress because the technique behind them and their functions have changed a lot.
    Check out the new settings at the Feed/iTunes Settings page of podPress.

    If you discover a bug then please post it in the podPress v8.8.8 beta testing thread.

    Thank you!




    Thank you very much Tim, I’ll let you know if I find some bugs.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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