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  • Anyone else tried testing this?

    HTML5 Player Pro does not work via Internet Explorer 8 using Windows XP

    But worked ok viewing through my laptop via Internet Explorer 9 Windows 7

    Still cause for much concern though as a good percentage of web users are viewing the web via Internet Explorer 8 using Windows XP

    Hope this gets solved?

    Musicalman 🙂


    dont work on internet 8 here too


    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Ok guys thanks for reporting… will look into it and report back!

    Any update on this?

    Not working on IE 7 either. Any update on this string?

    I only recently came across it but I have to say that I *really* like this plugin. I’ve installed it for a client who is bummed that Windows viewers can’t listen to her tracks. I’ve tried all the suggestions I could find… I’ve written to the developer to no avail, though, I’m using the free version so I didn’t really expect to get support. If this ever gets solved I’ll be a happy camper. Unfortunately, my client is looking elsewhere… I really wanted her to keep this plugin and was planning on talking her into paying for the pro version but she refuses because, as she says: “NO way if it doesn’t work on Windows!”. I don;t blame the developer, in fact, I thank his/her efforts for a great product… but I don’t blame my client, either, she has a right to expect what I load in there to work. There are few plugins I really get excited about and this is one of them. If this gets hammered out I’ll be trying to talk clients into the paid version as I believe it’ll be worth it.

    I actually sold my client on this player before testing in all versions of IE. Now I’m regretting it. She’s not happy about it not working, and I look like a fool because I didn’t do my full research.

    I’m all for developers putting their widgets online for all to use, of course, but I feel like I talked my client into paying for a broken product. On top of that, the developers won’t respond to emails or this thread. It’s frustrating. Especially when you say you’re going to “look into it and report back.”

    Where’s the report?!


    I told my client upfront that this may have issues and she made the decision to use it. This is the only way I’d ever conduct business with a free plugin (YMMV). While I may not have personally received a reply, the devs are responding on this forum so that’s encouraging. If you bought a paid version (sounds like it) you should be getting support. I’m wary of this developer if what you are writing is the case. Did you buy the PRO version of this plugin and have been ignored for support?

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Hi Guys, I think if you read through the threads on this forum you will see I am extremely responsive for all users of the plugin both free and pro. I always respond to emails, and prioritize support for users who have paid for Pro. You can see from my responses on the public forum that I try my hardest to get to issues promptly and to do whatever I can to help users and support this plugin, and my other plugins.

    Please understand that I am just 1 person, and I do a great deal of this in my free time. A plugin of this scope with 40,000+ users sucks up a great deal of time, and remember I also have a full time job and a life with other stuff in it ;-p I am doing my best to keep developing this plugin and to support it as best I can. Your patience is appreciated.

    Now re this cross browser issue…. I am aware of it, and I am working on it. It has not proved to be a simple quick fix. In fact it is a limitation in the original jPlayer that this player is based on so I need to find a work around that can be applied to the plugin. As for constant updates to the progress…. I feel my time is best spent working to fix the problem rather than spending hours informing users of no helpful progress on the forum.


    I’ve seen your presence here and appreciate that you’re working on it. If it could be solved easily, I’m sure you would have done it. Sorry if I came off too negatively, I just really love this plugin (and hate MSIE) and want to keep using it. I sent my client to the codebasehero’s demo ( she couldn’t view audio files on IE there, either. I’ve put the MIME changes in her root folder
    ‘s .htaccess file, avoided use of weird characters, made sure there are good file names, used both ogg and mp3, disabled plugins, didn’t try a default theme yet, though (I’m using Atahualpa), no luck yet. If you have time to take a look, her site is located at:

    Thanks for writing a great plugin!

    Just downloaded IE 10 and hoped that would fix the problem but no. IE is just useless I doubt it will ever work for IE. Hope it does though.

    I hope so, as well, this is by far my favorite audio plugin. That my client couldn’t see audio files on the code base used for this plugin may not bode well for it… but the dev says it works on Windows.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Thanks guys, I appreciate your understanding. 🙂

    @amsguy – it does work on Windows… it’s just an IE problem specifically. MIME type is helpful for playing ogg in Firefox for some users who’s hosts don’t automatically support that (GoDaddy is the big one) but it would not help your IE issue… I’ve checked your site link and it’s working well for me in all browsers except the afore mentioned IE issue. In a nutshell, there’s nothing wrong with your implementation – it’s a problem in the jPlayer that the plugin uses that is causing this IE issue which is not something you can fix – it’s something I am working on. Hope that helps!

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