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    The html5 iframe display was working fine for weeks. Then it stopped working. No video is displayed. No new plug-ins or other significant changes to the site. Other options such as Flash and thumbnail work fine. Thanks.

    server: Apache
    php: 5.2.17
    wp: 3.8.1
    ytc: 2.1.0
    title: null
    channel: CSLCapistranoValley
    vidqty: 1
    playlist: null
    use_res: null
    cache_time: 36000
    only_pl: null
    getrnd: null
    maxrnd: 1
    goto_txt: Visit our YouTube channel
    showgoto: on
    popup_goto: 2
    showtitle: null
    showvidesc: null
    descappend: …
    videsclen: null
    width: 365
    height: null
    to_show: iframe
    autoplay: null
    controls: null
    fixnoitem: null
    ratio: 3
    fixyt: on
    hideinfo: null
    hideanno: null
    themelight: null
    debugon: on
    userchan: null
    enhprivacy: null
    autoplay_mute: null

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  • Please try with version – added back old iframe functionality, new async moved as second iframe option.

    Hope that will solve many problems until I resolve issue with loading youtube iframe_api.

    Yes! Works now. Thanks very much. Not sure why but using just iframe adds about 250px of white space below the video — although I could probably fix that with some CSS. But the iframe async option works and displays perfectly.

    Thanks @klanxner, that was typo in conditions. Fixed in 🙂


    I updated to version yesterday and now our video wall won’t load at all … can you give me some ideas how to fix please … – thanks

    can you provide debug log (watch video from plugin description page here on

    try async or iframe w/o async, what browser you use to check front page?


    I’ve just updated to version 2.2.0 and now our video wall won’t load at all … can you give me some ideas how to fix please …

    FYI – I have a so so knowledge of your tech language so be gentle with me … I’m pretty clever but do get lost when tech gurus start talking their own lingo 😉 … thanks

    I see you switched to thumbnails, but in theme’s style.css you do tiny tweak to float thumbnails left and give them bottom/right margins, but did not set width/height so nothing show there. So, try that first.

    For IFRAME, now we have 2 options:

    • HTML5 (iframe)
    • HTML5 (iframe) Async

    Try each of them and one should work for you.

    Btw, for that video wall on your site, I suggest thumbnails and video in lightbox instead embedded players, because boxes are too small for full viewer experience 🙂


    Hello Again

    Well I made the change you suggested re: the thumbnails & HTML5 and all worked for 24 hours or so then its just stopped again with no updates being done etc … can you help as to what it is this time please???




    Ignore that last message … all fixed now

    Apologies …

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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