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  • hmm… since in HTML5 you are forced to use id attribute of some container, there is a risk of duplicate id.

    Let’s say Your plugin adds the id’s to every Hx tag with its “safenamed” name like this:
    <h2 id="my_amazing_title_">My Amazing TITLE!</h2>

    OK, but what in case the page contains a heading like “calendar” and somewhere in the page there is also some <div id="calendar">...</div>… hups! Now we are having a duplicate id… that’s not good.

    Also… How to solve the stupid behaviour of browsers scrolling too much down? If you go to bookmarked heading, the browser (newest Firefox) scrolls below the heading, so you actually don’t see it… Maybe just add some little 1em scroll-up via Javascript (jQuery)? I don’t know…

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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