• Is WordPress going to be changing over to HTML5 as the new standards are implemented over time?

    I have to do a report on a “need” in the information and communication technology field.

    I’m just wondering if WordPress became HTML5 compatible, would it be possible to use the html5 video tags to display videos on the front page, posts, and other pages, no matter which theme you use (since html5 is supposedly backward compatible).

    I am thinking of this as my report subject, but don’t know if its at all plausible yet.

    If you have any other suggestions it would be great. The prof said to use something that is not too broad in scope. I thought of wordpress because I use it for my website.


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    Yes. to all that.

    As themes are improved, they will move over to HTML5. This is on the radar.


    Thank you.

    I have two more question about your response.

    Do you think that once WordPress starts using html5 in its Core that themes using html5 will have improved SEO, speed performance, and more features?

    In regards to SEO, now that Google and other browsers are shifting over to Html5 standards, will it improve Word Press over all performance do you think?

    Thank you for your help. I’m still in the beginning stage of the learning curve on technology.




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    The HTML DOCTYPE used has nothing to do with SEO, performance or speed.

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    This will be entirely speculation on my part, but…

    Will WordPress using HTML5 increase the speed/performance of your site? Somewhat, but much of this will depend greatly on your theme, same as today.

    Will WordPress using HTML5 increase your SEO ranking? No. Which is not to say it won’t be a good thing, but I don’t think Google will use THAT as a big enough determining factor in SEO to make enough of a difference to use it as a reason to say ‘Go to HTML5 now!’ Basically, it will matter, but it’s a drop in a VERY large bucket.

    Will WordPress using HTML5 increase the features available to your site? Again, this one goes back to your themes, but probably yes.

    Remember, HTML5 is the baby, and NOT fully supported on browsers yet, so we’re pretty early on in Web 3.0 😉

    Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.


    One thing to keep in mind with HTML 5 is how you can clearly designate and identify which parts of a page are the content and which are the header, navigation, footer, etc.

    In the past the search engines have had to decipher this on their own, but with HTML 5, if you use the different tags to identify which are the different parts of the body, then it can clearly have an SEO impact because the search engines will be able to more easily determine which is the content on the page to rank and which are the other items navigation, footer, paid links in side rails or footer which can be excluded.

    This will force sites to place more links within content since those outside of the content will be able to be downgraded or excluded more easily if the HTML 5 tags are used.

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