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    Hi, I’m having a ridiculously difficult issue. I’m trying to post code for an image map.

    It’s stripped every time. I’ve disabled all plugins, re-installed 3.0.4, and disabled the visual editor. Still the code I put in for this page gets stripped. I’ve tried it on other pages, and creating a new page, and it’s still stripped.

    I’m tried simply adding


    to see if it’s code in between…and it’s still deleted.

    I’ve tried toe image map code on another blog I run, and it’s kept without issue.
    I’ve changed themes on the blog in question and it’s still stripped.

    I can only assume there’s some sort of lingering code or some crazy issue I can’t even think of troubleshooting.

    Please offer suggestions, I’m dying here.

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  • Following up with video to exemplify the problem, and to show that after posting the code that gets stripped there’s strange “residual” blankness. The code is stripped but there is blank space in the exact amount of rows, including indentations as the code.

    See here –

    At my workplace, a user who is brand-new to WP is having nearly the exact same problem you are having (we upgraded to WP 3.0.4 a few weeks ago). He is trying to embed a YouTube video (<iframe> tag); I watched him add the code in the HTML tab and hit “update”, then watched as all code disappeared–all in the HTML tab, no switching to the visual tab. Strangely, I am not having this problem. This makes me wonder if this HTML stripping problem could in any way be related to what browser one is using. I know he is using IE (I don’t know what version yet). I am using IE 7 on a PC.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. What my issue ended up being was the plugin “Unfiltered MU” … there was a … rare? “unfilitered HTML” permissions issue where my administrator accounts on my blog did not have full privledges, specially to “unfiltered HTML” so it was being stripped out…i installed and uninstalled the plugin in question and things were solved. here’s the link if you’re in need –

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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