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    hi. I am baffled, and if someone could help I’d be amazed, no, no, I mean I’d be very grateful. So, here it is. I put a bunch of HTML into the HTML page when making a page edit. I Update the page, all is OK, I preview the page, and hey presto, it looks exactly how I want it to look.

    So what’s the beef? Well, if, in between inputting the HTML, and looking at the preview, I choose to look at the ‘Visual’ page, well the whole darn thing is shot to you-know-where. And I’m not talking about a friendly edit, I am talking about wholesale slaughter.

    I am using a table with a rowspan value in the left column (21) and 21 cells in the right column. When I venture into the ‘Visual’ page, the rowspan is ignored, all the contents of 20 cells is just jumbled together, and the table is converted into a simple ‘one cell each side’ scenario. In previous attempts at working the table, I couldn’t get cellpadding to work, or cellspacing. These are pretty simple HTML things, why would this thing be incapable? Is it down to WP? or the Theme (not my choice, I inherited this site and it has a theme from a defunct maker.)

    maybe best if I migrate to a completely new theme.

    Ideas would be gratefully received, though. Why would ‘standard’ HTML be ignored, and the code be re-written.


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  • This is a known issue with the TinyMCE Visual Editor. If you are using the HTML Editor for a post, never, ever, switch to the Visual tab. Otherwise you will lose most (if not all) of your added markup.

    wow. seems like a known bug, which maybe could be fixed.

    Thank you so much for taking time to reply.

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