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  • html validation error in my site see here due to plugins

    Error Line 536, Column 210: Element link is missing required attribute property.

    …arty/jquery.bxslider/jquery.bxslider.css?ver=3.8.1′ type=’text/css’ media=” />

    Attributes for element link:
    Global attributes
    Also, the title attribute has special semantics on this element.

    Line 537, Column 193: Bad value for attribute media on element link: Media query ended prematurely.

    …ins/kiwi-logo-carousel/custom-styles.css?ver=3.8.1′ type=’text/css’ media=” />

    Syntax of media query:
    One or more media queries, combined in a comma-separated list. Each media query consists of a media type and zero or more expressions that check for the conditions of particular media features. A media type is one of the following: all, braille, embossed, handheld, print, projection, screen, speech, tty, or tv. Note: The aural media type is deprecated. For information about valid media features and about the exact syntax of media queries, see the Media Queries specification.

    plz help me to solve these two error

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