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  • I have noticed that I can’t add HTML in Category description.

    For example, if I try to add this :

    This is a trial <a href="">link</a>

    After saving it would loose the hyperlink and become :

    This is a trial <a>link</a>

    I can not get WordPress to accept HTML in Category description.

    What is even more curious is that I have a another WordPress installation on same server, using same theme and it would let me put HTML in the category descriptions.

    Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong ? Can a plugin do this ?

    BTW, my blog is at , if it helps.

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  • I have just noticed that my two installations of WordPress are different.

    The one which lets me put HTML in Category Description is : WordPress 2.0.1

    And, one which does not let me put HTML in Category Description is : WordPress 2.0.3

    Can anyone tell me if this might be responsible for the bug ?

    More importantly, can I try reverting back to the older version ?

    I’m wrestling with this issue with WP 2.0.5 as well. Can anyone advise a fix or plug-in to deal with the issue?

    Aha! Just found a fix in another thread:



    thanks for the link to that other thread.

    don’t you just hate threads that end “nevermind – I’ve found it now” ;(

    This solution does not work for me. When I comment out the suggested line, I get another error in the formatting.php file for line 654. This is using WP 2.2.1

    In fact, I cannot even “uncomment” that line and fix the error. I have to go get another copy of the file, delete the one on the remote server, then upload this fresh copy. It’s truly weird.

    I NEED to know how to have paragraphs, etc in category descriptions. WHY did this get screwed up? It ought to be an easy on/off option in the admin if they are going to have the functionality of stripping it. It basically sucks that I (and others, apparently) cannot figure out an error-free way of disabling this (not really useful) feature.

    Any ideas anyone?

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