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  • After updating to 3.0.4, whenever I post from Windows Live editor, WordPress is stripping down all HTML tags from the post content. This never used to happen before WordPress 3.0.4

    I know that the core library which is used for HTML sanitaisation was modified in 3.0.4. Is the the cause of this issue and also is there a fix?

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  • I have this problem too. Basically when I upload from Windows Live Writer, the < and > characters get stripped off my tags, so that <p>HelloWorld</p> becomes pHello World/p

    Interesting that Sudar thinks it’s an issue with 3.0.4. When trying to fix, I installed version 2.6 from my ISP on the same site and got the same results… Is there a php setting wrong for me?

    I have scoured the web and can’t seem to find an answer. This is really frustrating… Please help


    I have the same exact problem.

    In addition to upgrading to WordPress 3.0.4, I also changed servers and updated PHP to 5.3.5 (I almost forgot about it, till I read your post)

    After reading your post, I am also suspecting the PHP version (or any setting in my server). But when I try to post from the admin it is working properly.

    BTW what is the version of PHP in your server?

    Yeah this is really frustrating and I am trying out various options. Will update you if I find a solution.

    Hi Sudar,

    My PHP version is 5.2.8. It’s run through a hosting provider so I have little control over it.

    Please do let me know if you have any success in solving the problem. I’m out of ideas 🙁



    Finally I found the reason for the issue. It is because of some compatibility issue between PHP and Libxml.

    Either you can update PHP and libxml to the latest version or use the following Plugin to fix it.

    Hope it helps.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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