HTML tables do not auto resides when I create post in WordPress (2 posts)

  1. wpmhweb
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    I am having a problem when I create tables in a post in WordPress 3.0.
    It seems that IE8 does not know how to automatically auto reside a table,
    what is doing is instead of stretching the sell left to right, it stays in a side like if it was fixed to a small number, which is not.

    If you see this link in IE8 http://pureinfotech.com/2010/11/13/tech-roundup-of-the-week-nov-13-2010/ you will understand what I am talking about. The only way to stop this behavior was using the compatibilty button and I dont want to force or make the user to do this extra task.
    This works well on firefox, chrome, safari and IE9.

    Any help will be well received to solve this problem.

    PS: Sorry if I could not explain it better.

  2. esmi
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    Start by sorting out the markup errors. Then move onto the CSS errors.

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