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  • my webmaster told me to use openoffice for all my articles and now that i have a ton (as he builds the website and blog), i’m finding i can’t just plunk (copy paste) into wordpress from openoffice, nor reformat or change anything once in. I heard somewhere that i need an html editor and i don’t know what to use, what’s easy to format when using it and what can easily be plunked into wordpress!


    tx, Lisa

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    Well, the easiest way would be to simply write the post in the Visual post editor in WordPress. But, you could try using the “Paste from Word” toolbar button.

    In the visual editor, hit the button on the far right (looks like three horizontal rows of buttons) to display the second toolbar row. Then, click the button with the Word logo, paste the content, and click “insert.”

    i heard word has quirks also…i have many articles in openoffice that are already written, so i have to get them into an html editor i believe? reformat in wordpress after pasteing from there?

    I have tried various pasting methods and the only way that works all the time for me is to past in as Plain Text then fine tune for formatting inside WordPress. Not all the formatting goes away, there is still paragraph breaks and such. But the paste as Word last time gave me way funny font sizes and a bunch of extra formatting junk.

    I have also started pasting into Windows Live Writer on my PC and fine tuning the formatting before uploading the Post. Using WLW seems to be a bit easier.

    Hi LiHain:

    Writing articles that have “formatting” in a word processor of any kind is a problem when you copy and paste to just about any browser to any web page based CMS like WordPress.

    Microsoft Word is the worst. Open Office is much better, but still will cause you problems if you’ve done a lot of formatting in your article.

    If you MUST copy and paste “formatted” material, than make sure you’re on the “Visual” tab in your WordPress editor and use the “Paste from Word” or “Paste as plain text” buttons.

    Then, as Saildude suggested, do you formatting in WordPress.

    Another alternative is to use an HTML editor like “Trllian Webpage” – it free – not the best, but works.

    You can copy and paste to Trillian and then click on the source tab and copy the actual HTML code. Goto your WordPress editior and click on the “HTML” tab and paste the HTML source into WordPress.

    You’ll probably find some formating issues that don’t paste over 100%, but it will get you close.

    I personally tend to write all my articles using Open Office with little or no formatting (wait until I paste it to WordPress)

    The only time I use Trillian is when I have a complex table that I want to create and want more control over the HTML code in the table.

    Hope that helps


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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