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    I seem to be having an issue with text or html widgets in Chrome. I cant get any of them to work. Ive tried using a text widget with html code (in which case only the title of the widget is displayed) and by linking to the image with the sahifa ad widget (in which case nothing is displayed). Ive tried these widgets both in the sidebar and the footer.

    Meanwhile FF and IE display them correctly. You can view my issue on I have banners on the sidebar and the footer.


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  • Heres the code snippet from the source:

    `<!– .widget /–><div id=”ads300_250-widget-4″ class=”widget ads300_250-widget”><div class=”widget-top”><h4>הפץ את המוזיקה שלך באייטונס ועוד</h4><div class=”stripe-line”></div></div>
    <div class=”widget-container”> <div class=”ads300-250″>
    <div class=”ad-cell”>
    <a href=”″> <img src=” ” alt=”” />
    </a> </div>




    1. You have a lot of markup errors that have cropped up because of editing/modifying your theme.
    2. Switch back to Twenty Twelve theme with all plugins off and see if the problems persist.

    Thanks for replying.

    Ive actually only changed some values for the image captions, without adding any additional code, since I had problems overriding it. Could these issues be in the original theme code?

    I did as you suggested, switching to twentytwelve (which I’ve never touched) with all plugins off, but the issue persisted.




    Can I see your site with Twenty Twelve theme with all plugins off?

    Sure. I’ll switch it over in 10 mins for a couple.

    Just let me know that youve seen this message.

    Just to clarify, as soon as you tell me youve seen this I’ll switch themes. I’ll keep refreshing till then 🙂




    OK, please switch theme with all plugins turned off.

    Doing it now. Will switch it back in 2-3 mins.

    twenttwelve theme with no plugins live now.

    Ok, switched it back (sorry about that, but the site is live right now).

    Did you get a chance to take a look?

    If not, maybe you can contact me by email and I’ll set up an admin account for you. and put up a maintenance mode plugin. I’m at [email removed].




    I have viewed your site using FF and chrome. I think it loads better in Chrome. As I do not understand the language, I do not know which widget you are referring to. As a test, you may insert a plain text widget with some html (say a link to one of your posts) so that you can know if it works or not. Test it with the same theme (with no plugins).

    We only provide support on these forums, sorry. I looked at it – where is the widget in question?

    I am referring to the two banners (TuneCore in the sidebar and emusic in the footer). They are displayed correctly in FF and IE, but not shown at all in chrome.

    If I use the theme’s widget, I do get the title displayed in chrome, but nothing else.

    I added a text widget with a only a URL. Both Chrome and FF displayed the link in text form.

    So, it turns out I’m actually an idiot. The reason the banners weren’t showing was because (drum roll) I have ad block on Chrome.

    Since somebody else making the same mistake is how I realized it, I will leave this here for posterity.

    I apologize for wasting your time on such a stupid error. Thanks again.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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