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HTML Not working in custom theme

  • I’m new to these forums, and this is my first post. Bare with me. In any event, I have my first custom theme that appears to be functioning just fine thus far, with the exception of one thing.

    When I use html tags to edit my pages, The html tags are ignored. In other words if I type in

    <strong>Test 1</strong>

    The results will be the word ‘Test 1’ in standard text ( no bold formatting). I cannot get any html tags to work with my custom theme and all paragraphs are ran together as one paragraph (even when line breaks are referenced).

    I’m sure it’s something I missed within my template. When I switch back to the default template that came with wp 3.1.3, html tags and everything work fine, but switching back over to my custom theme and all html formatting is ignored. Any help?

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  • Are you referring to HTML you place inside of the WYSIWYG?

    And also, maybe you could post a link to look at for reference?

    Yes, I’m referring to the html code that I put in the WYSISYG editor. I really don’t want to post a link here, because my client has not launched this site yet. If needed, I could PM a link.



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    please post a link to your site –
    this can have all sorts of reasons, and without seeing the problem live, it is virtually impossible to make any purposeful suggestions.

    I have my first custom theme


    Please visit http://www.box.com/s/gl4tzn8310nerb0xiejj to retrieve the link I am referring to. @alchymyth – I didn’t design this theme from scratch, I just converted it over from a standard html template to wordpress. I’m new to wordpress development so this is a first for me.

    If you click the ‘About Us’ link, you will see some text text. The text is suppose to be in bold and on two different lines, however the html tags to make that happen are being ignored.



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    are you in any case using the_excerpt() in the page template, instead of the_content()?


    what template file is used to show the static pages?


    Yes, the home index page uses the excerpt function.

    <?php the_excerpt($more_link_text , $strip_teaser, $more_file); ?>

    I believe single.php is used to display the static pages.



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    I believe single.php is used to display the static pages

    this should be page.php if you have a page.php in your theme files;
    if not, index.php would be used.

    possibly make a copy of index.php and save it as page.php, then change the_excerpt() to the_content()

    Yes that worked! I really appreciate the help. However, I’m at a lost in regards to understanding why that worked? I guess I don’t understand what exactly I did wrong.



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    reading through the two links in my earlier reply might help you to understand why it is now working.

    if you are stuck with understanding some of the details, ask again.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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