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    I recently downloaded this plugin and liked it for a lot of reasons. Unfortunately, I don’t believe I will be able to continue with it for a few reasons.

    1. HTML Doesn’t Save:
    I’m using a Slide in to promote an affiliate link, and if I do any saves into the Design section it removes all the content I’ve put into the slide. At first, I thought it was because I was doing HTML code only, so I added some text. It’s still been doing it though.

    2. Responsive:
    Since I can only set a custom slide in by pixels, it makes it too large for mobile and causes an issue. If Custom size could also support % instead of fixed numbers, that would be very beneficial.

    3. Preview: Preview button only works in the content section, not in Design or Display.

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    Hi @kpudlo, sorry to hear you’re having issues with Hustle.

    1. HTML Doesn’t Save:

    Can you give me an example of content that you were using because I can’t replicate this on my installation, I’ve tried making a bunch of changes in Design tab after adding some random content and everything was in place no matter what change I did.

    2. Responsive:

    Thanks for the suggestion, we will consider adding this in future.
    At the moment you can enable Custom CSS in the Design tab and set % for width with some CSS like this:

    .inc_opt_slidein {
        width: 20%;

    3. Preview: Preview button only works in the content section, not in Design or Display.

    I have tested this on my end and it works fine for me, here’s a preview in Design tab, together with the example CSS that I mentioned above:
    It seems that there’s some conflict on your end that’s preventing the preview to show properly, and most likely it’s the cause of your content getting wiped out as well.

    Can you please perform a conflict test by disabling other plugins and switching to default WP theme and see if the issue is gone after that?
    This should help us pinpoint the cause of the issue so we can debug it further.


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    Hi @kpudlo

    I’m marking this as resolved as it’s been a while now that we haven’t heard from you. Feel free to post back any update and we can re-open it and carry on. 🙂

    Thank you,

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