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  • Several questions. Some of which I have found/read answers to.

    has good code when it comes to changing text color, within a post. But I wonder why simple html code doesn’t work. For instance <i> word </i> shows up that way, doesn’t italicize the word. I can use the italics feature from the menu to do that, but I’d prefer to do it within the post with straight html, easier. And I wonder about changing colors from the menu too, rather that using the span feature to do that. I mean maybe I am asking why, as a wysiwyg editor, the menu line doesn’t work the way it would in Word or Yahoo mail, or anything else?
    I’m still looking for a way to turn links into links too, lol, without the code showing. Can anyone refer me to the section of the codex that explains how to make html with without it turning into the &lgt stuff? I mean just accept the <> tags within the document. I’m practicing with the code feature and preview, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and I’m wondering why is all. I’d like to use the visual editor, and still easily change colors and italics and add href links within the document and have it accept those html codes, not print them as part of the document. Just need to know where to look to find out how to do that. Thanks! :^) gene

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  • If you want to enter html tags directly, use the code tab of the Wysiwig editor and not the visual one. Or, go into your profile settings and uncheck the box to use the wysiwig editor to gain more control.

    For what you want, you should be able to go back and forth between the “visual” and the “code” tab.

    Hope that helps.

    It should. I use NVU as my website builder, it is a bit easier to move between the wysiwyg editor and the source code view in that. Thanks. I don’t want to shut off the editor completely because I write mostly in that. I am practicing with the code view in a post I won’t publish. What I’ll do, is find code that “works” in it, in preview form and then just store it there, and grab pieces of it for other posts as necessary. That is working so far. Except for the link url part, but I’ll get that, and its little dog too, giggle, eventually. :^)

    What I’m find though is that although the codex says WP will turn anything beginning with http: into a link, that doesn’t mean a clickable link, and the html NVU uses that does work on my website with the target= language does not work in WP either. So where might I find a realtime example of a link whose source code I can look at that does work? I’m making a little progress on other pieces but this one still has me stymied. :^)

    I have to say that I am having a similar problem to genej101.
    I have tried using both the Visual and the Code view to edit some posts, without much success. I say without much success because I have applied a number of elements (styles, font colours etc) that have shown fine in the Visual and Code views. When I have gone to save the post all of this has been stripped out, just leaving (relatively) plain text. Blockquotes, bold, italics etc seem to be working OK. I’ve followed the examples on applying styles given in the Codex, none of this has helped.

    Why would it be doing this?

    Am using WP 2.2.2

    Thanks in advance

    Resolved, had to do with my user level.

    Can I ask what you did with your user level to fix that? I am using administrator level. And still losing stuff from code to preview views.

    I was using author level. Seemed to fix itself up when I went up to editor level… although not sure why.

    I am also using a set of plugins to extend WordPress’ WYSIWYG functions – this may be helping? I hope your issue resolves itself soon! 🙂

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