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  1. Emerogorek
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I want to use code have a user send an e-mail message to SA@CTGarden.Info and to have the e-mail subject line show "Hi There" and the body to show "Good Morning". The code:

    *a href =mailto:sa@ctgarden.info?subject=Hi There&body=Good Morning*Here>Send It */a* (Substitute the * for the greater-then/-less-than symbols so it will not be coded by the editor here)

    will work if I place an _ instead a space for the information in the subject and body. If I don't place the _s I get just "Hi" in the subject and nothing in the body. If I place the _ in the subject and not in the body information, I get "Hi_There" in the subject but only "Good" in the body.

    If I use "Hi_There" and "Good_Morning" it works but now I have those silly _s in there...

    I hope this makes sense..
    Thoughts appreciated

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