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  • I want to add link to an image on my site, but I can’t make the link to work. It sits in the code, I can see it, but there is no response for mouse clicking. The issue seems silly, but Im having hard time finding what part of css is causing this. Appreciate any help. The image I want to add link to is the yellow bottom one(Billions…), the top one works well. my site.

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  • Hello Searay,

    If the code is truly there on the backend then it looks like theme is stripping out the code for that content block.

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    The theme (or Visual Composer) is apparently not setup for thumbnail links in post content. As it is, the text div container “covers” the image in a way that the mouse cursor cannot “see” the link. We can see it, but the cursor cannot. Playing with z-index will not help this. You can confirm this by using your browser’s CSS tool to hide the text div container (with display: none;) so only the image is seen in content. The link will then work fine. For links to work the link/image and text content should be in the same div container.

    Either the theme’s template needs adjustment, or maybe how the thumbnail is added to the content in Visual Composer needs to be adjusted. Either way, as Sage mentioned, how to do this is beyond the scope of these forums.

    Thanks for the replies, I solved the problem with css. Thanks again. Can I ask the mods to strip the link from my post, please? Thanks

    Glad to hear it!

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    Can I ask the mods to strip the link from my post, please?

    We don’t do that, see this section of the support handbook

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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