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  • I am wanting to insert a simple sign up form using Vertical Response. I have inserted the form no problems but it is quite long and thin so want to wrap some text to the right of the form to make better use of the space.

    I can’t figure out what HTML coding I need to use to get it to wrap any ideas?



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    How did you put the code in? Manually or via a widget…?

    Can you share the code in and link to it so we can see it?

    I just pasted the widget and it is sowing align=”left” which I thought would let the text run on the right of the form but it isn’t working.
    Not used – hang on while I just go and suss it out. Back in a mo.


    OK here is the past


    Can anyone help with this?

    Hi Jill, just wondering if you had any luck with this… I’m having the same problem with a form from Vertical Response. VR provided the html code (included below) which I pasted into the html editor for my page. I added float: right into the div style which sent it to the right, but it still sits below the text rather than alongside… wasting space like you say.

    If anyone else knows how to get this to work please get in touch. Unfortunately I can’t share a URL to my site as it’s not online yet, but let me know what other info to provide.



    The form code:
    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    OK, ignore my post above… I found out what the problem was and now I feel really silly, but at least it works now. The whole time I’d been pasting the html code below the text I wanted to wrap around it, but after spending ages searching for an answer and posting this, I tried pasting the form code above my text and it wraps perfectly.

    I hope this works for you Jill. Then at least I’ll have helped somone out instead of just embarrassing myself.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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