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  • This regards HTML code inserted using the plugin. It is showing as invalid because it contains “&” instead of “&”. If I open up the code insert editor and replace it with “&” then when I save it it reverts to “&”.

    I managed to make the HTML valid for now by putting “&” and saving it. But making any change in the editor and saving again causes it to revert to ‘&’.

    It seems to be automatically decoding HTML entities. I’m tempted to edit the plugin so that it stops doing this, but please could you advise if there is a less hacky way to deal with this situation?

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  • Sorry, that is confusing! The forum software is doing the same thing … Using Code Insert, I’m trying to insert the html entity for the ampersand, but on save it reverts to an actual ampersand. How can I insert an html entity using Code Insert and have it stay as it is? Thanks

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