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  • Some of the JavaScript isn’t loading in my dashboard. I looked in the HTML source and saw that there are HTML entities instead of ampersands in the URL arguments for load-scripts.php:

    <script type='text/javascript' src=',utils,editor,quicktags&ver=33f9a1c72519a04d2fd7dd5a26c9ec8d'></script>

    When I try to load the JavaScript code in the browser it doesn’t work until I change the & to ampersands — that it loads the JavaScript code.

    I think that is why some of the dashboard functions aren’t working. (For example, I can’t add tags to a post.)

    Does anybody know how to fix this so that the URL arguments for load-scripts.php have ampersands instead of HTML entities for ampersands?

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  • Sorry, the forum converted my HTML entities to ampersands above. I’ve pasted it again below, but inserted spaces to prevent the HTML entities from turning into ampersands.

    <script type='text/javascript' src=' amp;load=jquery,utils,editor,quicktags& amp;ver=33f9a1c72519a04d2fd7dd5a26c9ec8d'></script>

    It turns out that this is caused by WordPress events calendar plugin.

    Still looking for a fix for this. I’m willing to pay for someone to fix this plugin.

    I was looking at this plugin for my new WP 2.9.1 site.

    I get a 500 server error. Any idea is the update I have been reading about is going to happen??

    Did you hear about a planned update?

    I have this JavaScript problem on both the sites I’ve installed it on.

    I’ve posted the issue here, but haven’t gotten a response:

    A 500 server error might be an .htaccess file problem. Does it go away if you disable the plugin?

    This has been driving me nuts for ages and I finally decided to do something about it today. Like you I was having random JS problems, both in the dashboard and with posts (couldn’t add tags). The problem is definitely with the Events Calendar plugin, but not for the reason you said. I don’t think the ampersands have anything to do with it.

    Instead, it looks to be a conflict with the jQuery plugins being loaded by WPEC. It loads a plugin called jquery.dimensions.js, which according to the jQuery site and this WPEC’s own inline code comments, is deprecated since jQuery 1.2.6 as they moved its functionality into the core. When I commented out that script the problems went away.

    WPEC loads that script in two places, both in the file events-calendar.php on lines 158 and 203. Comment out those two lines and your JS in the admin panels starts to work again.

    I have NO idea how this change will affect the plugin. In my own site I only use the SidebarEventsList() function to display a list of events and that certainly doesn’t require all the JS that the plugin tries to load.

    Hope that helps.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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