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  • Oh and I thought I would mention that I don’t need the trademark symbol after every page title, only some. Maybe assign a post category and some if statements!?

    Sorry just guessing, my php experience is very limited!

    Thanks again!

    press alt and write 0153 now release alt
    u get



    Thanks for the reply,

    I tried your suggestion and it gave me a


    I also typed the Entity manually using

    and it appeared in the admin side. However, when i went to preview my page the trademark symbol was no where to be seen!!

    Sorry, I typed the entity manually using ™

    ahhh! & # 0153 ;

    Any thoughts?

    I tried it with the default twentyten theme and the trademark symbol showed up when I previewed the page!! I’m ruling out the browser issue. It is obviously with my theme…

    u get TM or not
    press ALT and write 0153 now release ALT key u get TM sign

    We had this one the other day, and the solution from michael.mariart was that some themes use fonts like Cufon, Google Fonts, etc:, and some of these fonts do not support the extended character set!

    Check the font your theme is using for the titles.



    Hi Digital Raindrops, thanks for the link I will have a look shortly. And yes I have wondered what ‘Cufon’ was, particularly in my heading tags.

    Like I said, I reactivated the default twentyten theme and my TM symbol displayed in the title.

    The TM sign works in the body of posts and pages with my current theme but not the title. Hopefully your link will solve this.

    Thanks again


    My theme uses the Moderna font family from the MgOpen typeface collection that are freely downloadable. I downloaded each typeface separately (Moderna Regular, Bold, Oblique, Bold Oblique), and uploaded them using the Cufon generator.

    It mentions on the MGOpen Typefaces website that “the fonts, in their initial release, have some characters missing, with most important the lack of the Euro symbol. These shortcomings will be fixed in future releases.”

    Since regenerating my theme’s font using the cufon generator, the trademark ™ symbol now displays in my page headings/titles.

    The following articles helped:

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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