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  • Guy


    Using WordPress 4.8.2, the plugin converts things like & ” < > to their equivalent html entities and displays them as text. So for example, I would get

    char* test = &quot;adf&quot;; instead of char* test = "adf";

    I’ve tried disabling other plugins but it doesn’t fix the issue. I’m not using the visual editor, and in the past the plugin worked correctly, some time ago it simply stopped producing the correct output. Any help?

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  • tvhawk


    I’m having the same issue…..

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    Same issue here. Lots of &amp;amp; which keeps multiplying every time I save the post 🙁



    Same issue here. VERY frustrating since its been in use for some time and there are many posts with code references that depend on this.

    I too have done the plugin on/off dance and I cannot find a plugin conflict.

    I also used a default WordPress theme (twenty sixteen) and the issue persisted.

    I also had my web host check (wpengine) to make sure they did not see any issues from their end.

    In Summary:


    <!-- PWA Manifest -->
    <link rel=&quot;manifest&quot; href=&quot;/path/to/manifest.json&quot;>

    Gets turned into this:

    <!-- PWA Manifest -->
    <link rel="manifest" href="/path/to/manifest.json">
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    (@berchman) was giving me issues with trying to get the html to look right.

    Here is a link to a screen capture of the code in action.

    This should give you a clear picture of what is going on:



    I noticed a sort of pattern to this:

    1. It doesn’t happen on all posts. If I remove all the & amp;& amp repeats and leave it with only a single & (no amp;), the issue does not return. But if I leave any instance of & amp; JavaScript kicks in onblur and adds another amp; to it. (This is a definitely the repeatable bug).

    2. I haven’t been able to figure out why the & amp; gets introduced in the first place. My guess is it occurs when converting from old < pre > or < code > blocks that were added prior to this plugin being activated.

    Note that spacing in the code above was added to hopefully prevent auto encoding. The spaces aren’t in my actual code blocks.

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