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    HTML emails are being sent blank (in outlook) or as attachments called “noname” in gmail. Tested on a default install, no plugins except CF7.

    Works fine unless you have “Use HTML content type” checked.

    Not a server issue because HTML emails work from other email plugins like NinjaF

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  • Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    Where can we see the website?

    @takayukister I seem to have the same problem. Only what I’m observing is not that this issue happens when “Use HTML content type” is checked, but when the response email after the form submission is supposed to include an attachment, PDF in our case.

    A few more observations:
    – After hitting the Submit button, nothing seems to happen: I neither get a message that my data went through nor get I redirected to a Thank You page. But I get a response email in my inbox nonetheless. It’s that it’s blank and the attachment is “noname” instead of a PDF as it should be.
    – As soon as I remove the PDF attachment, at least I get to see the Thank You page, even though the response email is still blank with “noname” file attached.
    – Strangely enough, other forms that are HTML but never had an attachment, work just fine.
    – The title of a form jumps from the actual title to a random title “Feature alert #2”, which might have existed in our WordPress at some point, but definitely doesn’t exist now. Not sure this is related to the issue above, but seems to be too strange to be a coincidence.
    – We do have quite a few plugins, but none installed or updated recently. At least not within the time period when the form worked and then stopped working. So, it’s doubtful that any of the other plugins are the culprit here.

    The website in question is You can test the form under the URL

    This is also happening for me, started this morning seemingly on a form which has been working fine previously. When adding an attachment through the form, the email that is received is blank, with an attachment called “noname” attached?

    We are having this problem as well. Two of our clients hosted on WPEngine have reported that their emails are blank. We CC’d ourselves and we are using Google Apps/GSuite and in our gmail account a file is attached called ‘noname’ and it includes the multi-part email content.

    We didn’t perform any plugin updates on the site but since it’s on WPEngine there may have been a plugin or Core updates on these sites.

    Both sites reported the issues within the last 24 hours and they have the following versions:

    Site 1:
    PHP 7.2
    Core: 5.2.3
    CF7: 5.1.1

    Site 2:
    PHP 7.3
    Core: 5.1.2
    CF7: 5.1.1

    Here is a link to the ‘noname’ file we received as an attachment:

    @takayukister I am experiencing the same problem as well in the last 24 hours. Blank HTML emails and a multipart attachment. The website in question hasn’t been updated nor has the plugin. This is very strange indeed.

    Hey everyone– my clients are both on WPEngine. Are any of your affected sites hosted there as well? I am trying to find a common thread here. Two of the sites I can see that are affected have different WP Core and PHP versions but it is still impacting both sites.

    Yep we’re on WPEngine

    @shorelinechrism Same here, WPEngine. PHP 7.2, Core 5.2.3, CF7 5.1.4

    Ok, thanks folks. I’m raising the issue with support. I believe that it’s probably webhost related.

    Thanks! If you want, you can maybe post the link here to the issue. Then we can add our “stories” as well.

    Yup– I included this thread in my support chat and told them to keep an eye on it since anyone else experiencing the issue might report here as well. I foresee an afternoon filled with exporting lead data. Now is a good time to install Flamingo or CF7DB plugins if you haven’t already!

    Thread Starter dquaveo


    I am also on WPEngine. However, html emails from plugins other than CF7 are working properly. My current fix is the plugin WP Mail SMTP with Sendinblue if someone needs a quick fix.

    Support at WPEngine indicated they are aware of the issue and working towards a fix. No timeline or anything, unfortunately.

    Thanks for keeping in the loop! I already deactivated and removed any paths that would lead to downloads, so if the fix is done within the next day or two, the damage won’t be that huge, but still. A lot of manual work and “We’re sorry” follow-ups on those who already tried to download stuff and didn’t get it. @dquaveo thanks for the quick fix solution, will be definitely helpful if the issue isn’t resolved soon.

    Thank you for relaying the message to WP Engine. We are also being affected by this. Hopefully they can find a solution quickly.

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