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  • I have two installations on different domains of WP set up by Fantastico. One works just fine and is for my church’s Pastor. The other is for my use and works fine until I make a post and edit it with the HTML editor. The reason I need to edit is the editor uses div tags and essentially allows no breaks in the text. The church installation uses p tags and works fine. But, when I remove the div tags and insert the p tags upon display the sidebar is on the right, but below any post. Also the footer shifts slightly to the right.

    I love WP, there are none as good that I have found, but this glitch has driven me nuts AND I have uninistalled and reinstalled about 4 times. I can’t understand why the difference on tagging. I’m very limited in using HTML, but I know enough to use opening and closing tags.

    I would really appreciate some help on this.

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  • Does this happen with that monster called the wysiwyg editor?
    Don’t use it.

    The wysiwyg editor “appears” to work fine except of course that is what is generating the code in the first place.

    If I use the HTML editor it saves to the wysiwyg editor. I started telling the HTML editor to word wrap before saving thinking maybe the wide code was causing the problem.

    Should I then compose in MS Word as wysiwyg and then upload or should I compose in Notepad as a HTML editor and upload. Much beyond either of those options I’ll have to hang it up as far as using WP for this project.
    I have got this all set up plus the related site and forums I hate to get by without a good blog so I really appreciate any way out of this.

    How about trying w.bloggar or Zempt as an offline editor? Once an offline editor is configured it works as a local word processor that allows you to upload your posts as they appear in its editor. Personally, I’d stay as far away from MS Word as I could – the HTML code generated by Word is sloppy and very seldom W3C compliant.

    compose in MS Word as wysiwyg and then upload

    Never! That’s the recipe for sure failure…

    And I beg to differ about the wysiwyg thing: it never works fine – at least, not if I consider the zillion complains about it in the forum.

    Ok, I get the point. I’ll look into the HTML editors I have and do some experimenting, perhaps find the two mentioned. Right now I have the post on a B2Evolution blog so they are visible to any errant soul that visits the main web site. Once I get WP on track I can change back to it. I really like the HTML editor of B2Evolution, but that is about all.

    Thanks very much for the help. Note I emphasized “appears” as I know appearances are deceiving and the installation on the church site works well, “apparently”:-)

    vkaryl I finally got a chance to try Windows Live Writer and after making two post, editing and republishing both I am ready to change the web site blog link back to the WP installation. To anybody reading this, although I am frequently at odds with MS, this Windows Live Writer is great for me. Spell check, categories selection, great, great great.

    I thank everyone that helped me with delema very much.

    You’re welcome ronwright. It’s a nifty tool…. I do note a minor caveat: insertion of graphics and maps won’t validate until you remove a couple of WLW-specific “attributes” (which I think are there for the msn spaces blog search stuff). It’s a bitty problem, easily fixed by a post edit. I don’t consider it something that would mean I wouldn’t continue to use WLW – it’s a marvelous tool.

    My posts made with WLW validate fine (xhtml transitional). However, the caveat to note is that while I use that editor to insert the pictures and assign alt text and such, I do NOT use it to align images. For that, I first post as draft from WLW and then use my own image styling (and add my UTW tags) before I actually publish it.

    I do recall noting the same issues vkaryl notes before I stopped using the WLW alignment stuff.

    Hmmm. Is that what does it? Well, it’s easier for me to delete a couple of extraneous useless attributes than to do what you detail, Handyman…. I do edit the post eventually to add tags and get an ESN attached, but when I want to post, I want to post (the whole point to using a client after all….)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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