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  • Hello,

    I paste in chunks of HTML code into posts and save them with no problems. However, when I come back and make edits to the post other than the HTML and then save the post, the HTML code is removed altogether. This is becoming a pain as I grow my blog and have to continue hunting down HTML code.

    Anyone know how to remedy this?

    And yes, I’m updated to the latest beta.

    Chris Elliott

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  • Which editor are you using? Basic or the TinyMCE one?

    I use the standard editors with the 3.0 beta. I sometimes switch back and forth between the HTML and Visual tabs.


    One thing to keep in mind, and this has been true of WP for as long as I can remember, jumping back and forth between HTML and visual editors will always jack your HTML code up. Just … don’t. There isn’t a good fix that I know of and it drives me nuts when my web-partner posts via the visual editor, and I follow up to fix things with HTML. It’s bad juju. Pick one and stick with it.

    Pretty lame. You think with version 3.0 they’d fix that as it’s an extremely serious problem. Is there a way to insert HTML into a post within the visual editor?

    Does WordPress check these forums or did they run off to Mexico?


    They check. But … well this is a known issue with switching between editors, so it’s unlikely they’re going to do anything. There are a few tickets in trac related to this.

    In the meantime, try using the TinyMCE Advanced plugin if you can’t make people not switch between Visual and HTML editors.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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