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  • Siren


    You can add links on the main page (html writing in), is there a lock from entering in more html? Currently from my end, you cannot. Is this specifically designed by the developers. Ie, you are html restricted everywhere. No option added to include on the main page allows you to add in html, besides links. Which is very weird.

    I have tried to look through the customise options addding in each extended settings and adding in optional embeds but it doesnt seem to work. The reason this is an issue is because a LOT of websites include a translator. These translators commonly come in the form of widgets when taking from a reputable source. Which are embedded as html. Can I please be told “where” in customizer you can add in code that other humans can click on the page.


    As just for me. This will cause me to change themes. As every other theme I have ever used has allowed me to do this. I understand putting things like dark theme behind a paywall, fine, thats customisation and optional. But adding a widget to your page such as those designed in html is a requirement for a lot of companies.

    Which is why its considered a required free service as it can turn away customers that may decide to pay later on. Ie, a part of my website will no longer function using your theme, which prior worked on all other themes I’ve ever tried. Making me not be able to stay with the theme for a while, and wish to support the developers after proving its usefulness.

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