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  • Hi… Here and there I get this line added to my posts:

    <span style=”font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px;”>

    Usually after using Enter+Shift, other times WordPress adds it after a text justify…

    And it changes the size font of the paragraph, obviously.

    I’ve tried to paste raw text, but there’s no use… It still adds the span attributes without me asking to do it… :=

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  • Are you pasting from Word (or someplace else) or switching between the Visual and Text editor? Either one will cause problems.

    yeah, I thought that was the case, but I used the ‘paste as raw text’ tool before ‘pasting’ a texto from word… On the other hand, I’ve noticed WordPress adds that line ANY TIME i use Enter+Shift (to keep two paragrapghs together, if you know what I mean… For instance, if you’re editing and interview and want no separation between a question and the answer.

    Thanks for helping WPyogi!

    I don’t use Enter+Shift, so can’t say about that. I’d just recommend never pasting from Word (use a plain text editor if you need to draft elsewhere or some people like Windows Live Writer) and not switching between visual/text. See if that solves the issue?

    Mmmm… I’ve noticed WordPress adds the span thing anytime I use ‘delete’. For instante, if I move a paragraph right to the end of the previous paragraph, WP adds the span… or if I just type a word, I go to the begining of it, press enter and then delete to move it back… I get the span.

    This would be the ‘sequence’:




    “<span style=”font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px;”>hola</span>”

    Weird, huh?

    Is this in the visual or text editor? And are you typing this in or copying it from someplace else?

    What version of WP and do you have any plugins active?

    I’m just trying to reproduce this problem.

    First of all, thanks for trying to help me!!

    We’re using WordPress 3.4.2

    Those <spann> things appear on the HTML editor. And as I told you, it doesn’t matter whether I’m typing or copying from Word or from an email… Whenever I do a backspace and get to the previous paragraph I get the span label/tag/wthaever it’s called.

    We have some plugins installed, but only one of them is active: Spotify Plugin. And a Network Publisher.

    Got the same problem here on my WP site. Have to clean up manually. Any solutions found?

    BTW, if you google <span style=”font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px;”> you’ll find this is very common code.

    How do we banish it?


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    You can ask this on your own thread.

    Hi Andrew,

    Why start a new thread for the exact same problem? Is that the forum policy?

    Before posting a new topic, be sure to search to see if one has been started already.

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    You can discuss forum policy on the miscellaneous forum.

    Why would you ask me to start a new thread when forum policy dictates otherwise?

    Before posting a new topic, be sure to search to see if one has been started already.

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