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    I am trying to add separate links onto my site. I do not want to do this as a blog roll because the links needs to change daily, so I am trying to use text widget instead of link widget. I decided to use HTML code in the text widget.

    This is the code I used:

    <li><a> </a></li>
    When I saved it and looked at my site, the widget and links looked fine, but the rest of my site was in chaos. Somehow this affected the RSS widgets and caused them to go out of control. The site looked horrid. I removed the text widget with the links and the site was fine again.

    I am also having issue with additional RSS widgets, numbers 8 and 9 seem to have bugs that prevents them from displaying properly.

    Are there known bugs with the text and rss widgets that can cause this problem? Are there fixes to these bugs?


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    OK, the post deleted the html I used.

    Are we not allowed to use html at all? If this is true, I need to find a new content management system.



    You can put in html but you must follow XHTML or HTML 4.01 strict and tags, divs etc that are not closed correctly will make the blog go to heck in a handbasket.

    wordpress isnt a CMS 🙂 its a blogging tool , Matt and team don’t beat me up for saying that ..

    FYI I have several text widgest with html, javascript in them and they work just great using any theme that supports widgets.

    I am wonder what HTML you put into a widget that broke your blog or made it turn to total crap ? I wouldnt post the html here, but point me to your site



    The code I used was for bullet links, which open and close with ”

  • The objective is to give a list of links as bullets.
  • I replaced that with code for links without the bullets which seems to work fine. I may actually replace this with a script because I intend for the links to change almost daily, and that’s a bit too much work to be honest.

    This still leave a glitch with RSS feeds on my sidebars. It allows up to 9, which makes little sense. But when I put the url into 8 and 9, it doesn’t work. I have RSS feeds now, but can’t add any more.

    The site is



I can’t even put a piece of code in this forum
Ok, the bullet code has the letters ‘li’. These two letters are surrounded by the ‘greater than, less than’ signs.

Putting that at the beggining and end of the linke html causes a bullet. In WP, it causes havoc.

I don’t know if you got this working, but for newbies reading this: in order to have a list < li > you need the < ul > and < / ul > before and after. Otherwise the list isn’t opened or closed properly and the rest of the html/xhtml will go haywire.
Don’t forget that there aren’t any spaces inside the tag. I put them there in the hopes the code would show properly.

  <li>list item</li>
  <li>list item</li>

And to put code in this forum you enclose them in code tags.
<strong>See</strong> I can put <i>code</i> in a post

  • And even a small list of rendered code
  • like this

There is a reason why forums don’t (or shouldn’t) allow random html in a post.

Hello,in the top right hand corner of your back 0ffice there is a Help Icon,when you click on that,you will find all the help you need to build your Template.

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nirvanna51, I know you are trying to help but bringing back a post from 9 months ago really does nothing for anyone.

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