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  • Hello,

    Whenever I’m posting html article into HTML section of the WP posts/pages and publishing, I’m getting all garbage.. What to do?

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  • Are you copying from Word or another formatted text source? That would do it.

    Converted the normal article into HTML characters using software and here how it looks –> the homе owneг

    ups… here it is taking exact words what I meant was this
    —> the hom & # 1 0 7 7 ; o w n e & # 1 0 7 5 ;

    (without spaces)

    Converted the normal article into HTML characters using software

    Using what software??

    Where are you putting it? (visual or text editor)? Does the same thing happen if you type the HTML directly in the dashboard editor?

    Well I don’t know that software because that was provided to me by my client. Obviously, I’m copying that in text editor and when I click on visual it will take all its original characters but when I publish it, then it is showing garbage. What do you mean by Dashboard editor?? just make a note that I’m not using any plugin. On another hand, I have checked some of my other website they are fine and taking html characters.

    I have noticed one thing i.e. if I copy all the html characters in the HTML and without clicking on visual, if I’m publishing then it is taking perfectly. If I click on visual then moving on to pblishing way then its compeltely garbage… Its very important for me to click on visual because I need to adjust images/links in that…

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    Does the garbage persist when using a text editor like Notepad?

    Well, I’m copying all the HTML characters into HTML section of WP-Post from the notepad itself….

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    Can you post here an excerpt of the stuff you’re copying (without formatting it)?

    I think I have posted here the sample of some words in my beginning posts.. When I had copied the exact characters of HTML then here it is taking the exact version of that…
    Just see the below

    This is HTML characters..

    tо оur hеаlth.

    Whо Neеdѕ

    Here they are easily converting…

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    Make sure to post it within backticks to stop the formatting, in this forum.

    `homе owneг’

    hom & # 1 0 7 7 ; o w n e & # 1 0 7 5 ;

    After hom(delete all spaces)

    what happened??

    If you are switching between the visual and text editors, that will cause problems – it’s a known problem. Try saving the post in the one editor and then switching after saving it first. See if that works.

    And please do not bump here – it’s not allowed per the forum guidelines:

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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