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  • I am a recent convert to WP, so forgive me my lack of knowledge.

    I have downloaded quite a few themes from WP and the base design does not pass validation…I kind of shocked to see how few themes pass DO W3C validation.

    I am able to string search for “valid”, Validate, Validated, html, HTML and CSS to find thems with those terms in their catalog. cannot find those terms AND the color blue via the feature filter.

    Can we add W3C validated (HTML, CSS) to the feature filter sometime?


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  • esmi


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    I asked about this a long time ago and after some discussion with the Theme Repo admin at that time, we concluded that it really wasn’t practical. I also recall the existing Theme Review team discussing it more recently and coming to the same conclusion. But you could always try raising it again via the theme-review mailing list.

    Hi Esmi,

    It looks like you have your hand in some informed circles by your role here. I also noted your themes indicate Validation (Good thing)

    I would be glad to promote that to the powers that be.

    It sounds like the implementation itself is the issue and there is no disagreement that providing additional filters would be a good idea.

    Heck…even if the Text and the Filter buttons were NOT mutually exclusive that would be an improvement.

    It may be one of those situations where building the framework for features needs to be ‘architected’…and the filtering/search will come along.



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    To be honest, there are mixed opinions on the value of validation amongst the theme review team. Although I will freely admit to being something of a standards-purist myself, I have to agree that there is a huge difference between a theme that doesn’t validate because of mis-nested markup and a theme with the odd unescaped ampersand. So it may not be as binary as it first appears.

    Secondly, no theme can control what its users do with it. All it takes is someone pasting content in from MS Word or throwing a few bits of markup that they once saw “somewhere” into the content and a site with a perfectly valid theme can collapse into a mess of a hundred errors – all because of an unclosed </p> tag. So of what value was that original “valid HTML” tag?

    Then there’s the HTML5 themes. The HTML5 spec is still in draft format and the W3C HTML5 validator is still experimental. In fact, it has a distinct tendency to throw up some very arguable “errors” at times.

    So, all in all, it’s not a implementation issue so much as a “here’s a can of worms we really do not want to open” thing.

    Hi Esmi,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am more concerned about a Theme that does NOT pass validation before the user does anything with it.

    I am not concerned about theme control of what a user does or does not doe with it.

    If a Theme passes validation for W3C I would like to know that it does and be able to search for themes that pass validation.

    Whatever validation it passes, I would like to know. Strict, Transitional or whatever.

    Standards and Validation of standards are important enough to me to seek it out.

    Take care..and I will try to get this request to the theme review mailing list.

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