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  • Hi folks. I would like to contribute to WordPress project. My idea is to create fully HTML 5 compatible theme for WordPress. This theme would be based on HTML 5. Is it a good idea to do this? Is it a good topic for my diploma? What do you think, what is your opinion? Thank you.


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  • esmi


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    What would an HTML5 theme offer that an XHTML1 theme couldn’t? I do appreciate that there are some new features in the HTML5 spec but I’m curious as to which you would use in the theme and how you would ensure that any HTML5-specific markup worked cross-browser.

    What would an HTML5 theme offer that an XHTML1 theme couldn’t? Semantics and other great new elements, which make html code better and more suitable for CMS.

    This article is a great example, which elements you can use in a HTML 5 theme for WordPress

    HTML 5 is the future of the web and in the near future most of the web browsers will support HTML 5. At the present Firefox 3.5 and browsers based on Webkit core support some HTML 5 elements.

    The main idea is to do this for my diploma work and also to improve WordPress.



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    I’m 110% for semantics but many of the people who download and use themes wouldn’t know what semantic is and most probably wouldn’t care. So I’m curious as to how you’d promote the theme to non-technical site owners. Right now, if it doesn’t work in IE 7 & IE8, I can see it being a non-starter.

    Doesn’t mean that it’s not a good idea and that future themes won’t be HTML5. Just that perhaps it’s a little too early and the spec is too poorly supported to be of any great use just yet.

    How about a theme that conforms to WCAG 2.0 AA? Or even AAA?

    I found out that there is also strong support for HTML 5 in IE8. I will think about WCAG 2.0 theme, but I think HTML 5 is better and more academic topic for my diploma work.

    waste of time.
    bearly any browser support right now and html5 is constantly changing your code may break:
    Making one for personal use is a good idea. I plan on doing it.

    i agree with you…..



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    supolka, while I encourage you to create a WP theme developed with HTML5 for your diploma work (I am reading up on it as well), I agree with esmi and the rest about practicality of HTML5 WP theme specially when cross-browser compatibility is very important for any website, WordPress or not. Disregarding IE 7/8 users is not an option for any self-respecting webmaster as well, when IE is still the most widely used browser around the world even if many web developers hate it 🙂

    It’s a great idea – don’t listen to them;). It’s the future, and it’s fairly easy to make IE listen to the new tags such as header, section, footer, nav, etc with just a little bit of javascript. I’ve built and on html5 – and just about every other site in my portfolio still under my control will be html5 in the next few months. My issues with (for those of you with ie6) is simply the CSS3 I want to use. That’s more of an issue I can’t get around!

    So to answer some of the comments directly, html5 works in ie8 and under. You can use conditional comments to target them with simply javascript (and by simple, I mean extremely light), such as

    <!--[if gte IE 6]>

    Can also be an external file. While I often don’t advocate javascript solutions, this is a simple one we haven’t had problems with on our marketing testing, and does the job.

    I agree with @bradyjfrey. Older, less capable browsers will still have to be supported in the future, so we may as well figure out how to do it now. Don’t worry about promoting it to non-technical people. Those of us who would like to see it now already know who we are.

    And keep in mind that WordPress’s default theme is XHTML, so it should already be valid HTML5, but the exercise is to improve it by incorporating new HTML5 features.

    I do hope you continue to update it as the HTML5 spec is tweaked, or open-source your code so that someone else would be able to take up the torch. Good luck.

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