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    i am currently the plugin fGallery and i want to make a permalink so the gallery will
    be at
    instead of

    when ever i try to rewrite the rules in WPAdmin it says

    .htaccess is not writable so you have to add add the following manually

    This should be at the TOP of your .htacces file before the WordPress rules.

    how do you rewrite the .htaccess manually and where is it located?

    thank you!

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  • .htaccess is in the main directory of your WordPress installation. You can edit it on the server, or download it, edit it, and upload it (overwriting the old file).

    Or, you can simply make it writable, then rewrite it in WPAdmin. I don’t know what FTP program you’re using, but basically, you select the file, and right-click it, which should bring an option to “Change Permissions” or CHMOD it. Click the option and change the permissions to “666” and that will make it writable. Then, just go to WPAdmin and do your editing, and save it.

    hi, thank you for your kind help,

    i am using CuteFTP and i cant seem to find the .htaccess file in my blog root directory.

    (my blog is and i searched directory: /public_html/blog)

    is it being hidden and how do you see it using cuteftP?





    Google is amazing. If that fails, its always nice to look at the support documentation for whatever you are having trouble with:

    Scroll to the bottom, you’ll read:

    Any files or folders with names which start with a full stop character (.) are treated by the system as hidden files and will not normally be displayed when you connect to your account using CuteFTP. See our FTP documentation for more about these hidden files.

    If you wish, you can set up CuteFTP to display these hidden files as follows. Open up the Edit menu and select the Filter option. Check the box next to Enable Remote Filters and enter the two characters -a in the Remote Filter box. Finally, click OK to confirm the change.
    The next time you make an FTP connection to your account you will be able to see a number of hidden files which were not visible before. As always, please be careful not to delete any pre-installed system files or folders, unless you know what you are doing, as many of these files are necessary for the smooth running of your account.

    Your browser found it’s way here, I can only assume its not stuck here.

    thank you for your link whooami, but i still dont see a .htaccess file in my root directory of my blog, i only see one at /public_html


    nvm lol i copied the .htaccess from /public_html to /public_html/blog and made it 777 and updated permalink and it worked

    thanks 🙂

    Where is my .htacess in the new 2.5 WordPress? This new version is horrible. How can I install a new wordpress with the older versions?

    I used to be able to access the the .htaccess under Manage > Files. In the new version I do not have under Manage > Files…

    That is besides getting too many errors to count with editing themes.

    If they are going to make changes I think they need to use testing with others before they just drop it on regular business folks.

    I hope someone can tell me how to add or modify my .htaccess file.

    Thanks so much for any help.. but I see thousands of problems and I wonder if anyone is going to even see mine..

    B. Robert

    No files should be modified online ever. Especially by “regular folks” who always need an UNDO button. And there isn’t.
    So, always edit/modify your files on your computer – after making a backup copy of them – in a plain text editor, like Notepad. Then upload them via ftp.

    And no, next time nobody will see your post if you dig out an 11 months old thread. Start your own!

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