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  • davidtube


    I’m totally new to caching so sorry if I’m missing something obvious but I’ve been struggling with this for hours.

    Firebug has been telling me to “Leverage browser caching”. So I installed W3 Total Cache. I’ve enabled browser cache (although it wasn’t selected by default) and I’ve turned on all the options within it that section and deployed it.

    Firebug is still giving me the same warning for my .css .jpg and .js files.

    I’ve made a text copy of the .htaccess file for you to take a look at here (that’s also the site which is having the problem).

    Check compatibility is showing some problems:
    PHP Timezone: Not set
    Opcode cache: Not installed
    Memcache extension: Not installed
    mod_mime: Not detected
    mod_expires: Not detected
    mod_deflate / mod_gzip: Not detected
    mod_headers: Not detected
    mod_env: Not detected

    I’m not really sure what these mean but I’ve read W3TC sometimes has a problem detecting these things when they are actually there.

    I’d appreciate any help I can get on this.


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  • davidtube


    A bit more info:
    I’ve been chatting to my hosts tech support and they weren’t able to resolve it. When I showed him the compatibility check he said:

    mod_expires is used for those directives, it’s odd that it isn’t detecting it but apache does have:
    LoadModule expires_module modules/mod_expires.s

    Same problems here. And new version of w3 looks like is not working perfectly.

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