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    I ran into a difficult problem:
    carrington seems to ignore a 301 redirection set in the root htaccess file.
    I got this:
    #RedirectMatch 301 /(.*)\.html$$1/index.htm
    (changing url syntax from to

    With the old theme this worked without a problem but since I’m using carrington the redirection does not work anymore.

    Carrington uses some automatic url suggestion and I could imagine this could cause the problem with the 301 redirection but I haven’t found that piece of code.

    Thanks for every tip or hint.

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  • Your command is commmented out. 🙂 See the #?

    You could certainly un-comment it, and it may work.


    oh yeah you’re right. that didn’t solved the problem but it leads me to the solution that we managed it with php instead (and commented htaccess out)
    thanks for the hint 🙂

    Glad that jarred loose an idea! And I know those things can be innocent… sometimes various scripts will comment out .htaccess commands they don’t like when installing.

    The most complicated situation I had was when I would install all my sites in the same account using subdomains. This sometimes required some fancy .htaccess footwork, and I’m not an expert mod_rewrite programmer, but I managed it.

    Sometimes a change to the root .htaccess would bork a site in a subdomain. I always fixed them and got it all working, but of course ultimately found it easier to divvy up my sites completely via WHM.


    yeah htaccess is a real tricky thing.
    I spend some good amount of time too with redirections and access things – still having no real clue what all the -f’s and NC’s are 😉
    but hey…without htaccess functionality we’d be lost 🙂

    thanks again for your post.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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