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  1. boandmichele
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Okay, we have changed our site setup from a blog, to a forum. http://www.thefullmailbox.com

    i am keeping our wordpress install as an archive, so i have moved all the files over into /archive, using the guide on wordpress.org. the pics arent working, which is fixable.

    the problem is: any link moving deeper into the site in /archive just redirects to the forum. the forum is in /forum. nothing is installed in the main server index.

    for instance, if i am in the archive, and click on posts from june 07, it just takes me to the main index of the forum.

    i have searched for months, and am desperate. i want to link to the blog from the forum, because there is useful information there. but its useless without more than just the main page. i have no idea how to properly mod_rewrite. arg.

    i hope that all makes sense. im still learning. thanks all!

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