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  • I am having difficulty redirecting a couple of posts to new entries. Here is the history.

    I have made posts to my blog and for some reason the entries have been saved and published with a different post name than the one in the title. Looks like this may have happened when I have saved a post as a draft with either a temporary title or the post id number.

    I only just noticed this and I have gone back in to the database and edited each of the entries. This has meant that all links on search engines, technorati etc are wrong for these posts. People are still trying to find these posts, so I have tried to do a redirect in htaccess but it is not working, extra stuff is getting added to the URI

    Here is an example from the htaccess,

    redirect 301 /2005/10/06/dd/

    And the resultant url

    Because I am using the optimized permalink structure I think this is what is effecting it but I do not know how to get around it. Any ideas??

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  • im not that experience, but there is a bug on the permalinks

    if you edit the post title name, it always keep the old name on the permalink.

    just to comment, it probably wont answer your concern.

    Hi thanks for the reply. Well the permalink name is actually changed to what I want it to be internally. If you use the links on the site everything is OK. It is only when someone is using the old link from an external source. I can’t get the redirect to work. Everthing I have read indicates I am using the correct code in my htaccess (I am no expert mind you) but there is stuff getting added on to it. More reading to do…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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