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  • I know this is not exactly a WP question, but I’ll give it a try here anyway.
    For some reason I seem unable to work with htaccess properly, that is to say, some things work, other things don’t.
    I have a test site that I like to put behind an htaccess password. Not too difficult, but for some reason the password isn’t recognised. Yes I used a password file with an encrypted password (user:encryptedpassword, nothing else in the file) and edit the htaccess that is already there. I also had that issue with the demo mode plugin, newer versions of Ask Apache, but in the end I got an old Ask Apache to work properly and I use a hotlink protection plugin that also works. Therefor I guess it’s me. Does it have something to do with file permissions, file locations or something like that? I used some of the many automatic htaccess and password file generators, so it can’t be bad coding. What then?

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  • I found it! I was fooling around with the newest Ask Apache (which now works on my test site and noticed that I needed to add “/home/vhosts” to the password file path.
    (Now, how do I mark this thread as resolved?)

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